Picture of Beirut and a hand with a paper plane to the transport to libanon

Transports to Lebanon

1. Pictogramme départ de votre marchandise demande de devis fret/transport


Please select the departure country of the goods.
Please enter the city of departure of the goods.
Zip Code
Please enter the ZIP/postal code of departure of the goods.
Departure from specific address
Do you want the goods to be collected at your place/office?
2. pictogramme container levé par un hayon


Please select the destination country of the goods.
Please enter the destination city of the goods.
Zip Code
Please enter the destination ZIP/postal code of the goods.
Delivery to specific address
Do you want the goods to be delivered at your place/office?
3. colis et formulaire d'envoi


Please select the product category you want to ship.
Nature of merchandise
Please describe the items you want to ship (ex. toys, cars, etc.)
Value (€)
Please enter the value of the goods in US dollar.
Type of merchandise
Please select a package type/container.
Number of units
Please enter the number of pieces to ship.
Unit weigh
Please enter weight (kg).
Length (cm)
Please enter length (cm).
Width (cm)
Please enter width (cm).
Height (cm)
Please enter height (cm).
4. options pour votre transport


Type of transport
Please select the shipping service you need.
Pickup date (french format)
Please select a pickup date for your goods.
Delivery date (french format)
Please select an expected delivery date for your goods.
Do you want to protect your shipment? If you select “Yes”, you will be fully covered for theactual value of the goods. If you select “No”, your shipment will only be covered by our professional liability insurance, so you won’t be fully protected.
Hazardous or off-gauge product
Does your shipment contain dangerous goods? Dangerous goods are substances or items which can pose a significant risk to safety, health, property or the environment and are subject to government regulations (ex. lithium batteries, ammunition, nail polish remover, aerosols, perfumes, etc.).
Mode of delivery
Please select the shipping service you need.
Specific aspects
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your shipment?
Every good that crosses a border is subject to customs fees. Please select « Yes » if you want us to take care of customs clearance for you.
5. Informations pour le transport


Company name
Please enter your company name.
Please enter your business identification number.
Please, enter your title (Mr, Mrs, Ms).
Last name
Please enter your last name.
First name
Please enter your first name.
Please enter your email address in case we need to reach you.
Please enter your telephone number in case we need to reach you.
Business opening time
Please enter your business hours.
How many shipments do you need per year?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
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We answer in a few hours, come rain or shine

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No bad surprises

You pay the price we quote – never more

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Straight communication

A single point of contact handles your complete shipment

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Full-service package

Pick-up, handling, customs formalities, air freight, shipping documents, delivery – all in one hand

Picture of Hervé Lavallée in black and white in charge of all transports with the Midlle East

At Team CDG, Hervé is in charge of all transports to and from the Middle East. He is our logistics specialist and is your dedicated point of contact for all shipments to and from this part of the world.

Your shipments to the Lebanon in a nutshell

Customs documents required for imports

Icon of a certificate required for imports

Certificate of origin

This document must specify the country in which the major part of the goods destined for the Lebanon was produced. It must be certified by your designated Chamber of Commerce.

Pictogram of a commercial invoice for any shipment of goods

A commercial invoice in English

The number of the HS Nomenclature of the goods, as well as their brand name, must figure on this document. Three copies of this invoice are required, either in English or in French.

Icon of tasklist of the amount of goods

Cargo list in English

For shipments to the Lebanon, this document bears no particular difference to the standard list of cargo items that is required for any shipment of goods.

Icon of certificat of conformity required for imports to the Lebanon

Certificate of conformity

This certificate is only required for certain consumer commodities like electric appliances or toys as well as audio and video equipment.

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Logo of iata, association internationale du transport aérien
Logo of the french douane, institution fiscale et de sécurité pour le transport
Logo of Gain, global alliance integrated network
Logo of the isf, internationale freight network
Logo of the wwpcworld, International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Specialists
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Shipments made in 2018.

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Tons sent each year on average.

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